Walk With Me

by Verena Roth

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I love music. I love how it invokes and carries emotions, heals pain, transforms feelings
and thoughts, brings joy and inspiration, makes you fall in love with life or helps mend
a broken heart. How it dries your tears, lights the day, makes you dance and makes you dream.
How it holds memories forever, reminds us of the beauty of our journey, and is our best friend.

Music has always been my companion in life, especially in times of great pain and turmoil,
when no words or embrace could heal, music filled the emptiness
and slowly pulled me out of darkness.

I love making music because of its power to inspire and bring happiness. Music is always there for us.
Music is love. Music is life. May your hearts be filled with music.


released October 21, 2012

Music and Lyrics by Verena Roth
Arrangements by Andy Wild
Produced by Gareth Henderson
Executive Producer: Gilbert Nash
Management: Gilbert Nash
Photos by Malcolm Willison

Vocals: Verena Roth
Piano: Verena Roth (with the exception of Radio, A Simple Love Song, The Key)
Piano and Synthesiser: Andy Wild
Guitar: John D'Arcy (JD)
Bass: Chris Wood
Drums: James Gilbert
Cello: Kelly-Jo Peters

Recorded at River Studios



all rights reserved


Verena Roth UK

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Track Name: A Simple Love Song
I know for many years
Every time I looked at you
I wanted you to be different
The way you look, the things you do

Cause nothing you did was perfect
And none of your features great
And every time I told you
You believed me and looked afraid

This is, this is a simple love song
The only difference is, it’s for myself
I promise I promise I will accept me
Not the way I should be
But the way that I am

Sorry you always had to prove
That you were worthy at all
Sorry for being your biggest bully
And cut you down when you stood tall

Now I realize your worthy
Of love, joy and success
Just the way you are, completely
Even when you look a mess


Forgive me, forgive me
Allow me, invite me
Please hold me, please show me
Please love me, please guide me
I’ll love you, accept you
Adore you, invite you
I’ll hold you, I’ll trust you
Care for you, support you, you…

Chorus x 2
Track Name: Life On Earth
Why am I here on this earth again
Where there’s so much pain
And so much suffering?
Why does it take so long to shed all
Of those layers of hatred and greed?

I know I have a choice
I have free will
And I can act out of love or fear
But sometimes I crumble
And I ask the above
Especially when things down here get tough

Lord, come by, come by, come by, come by
Send all your angels to look after me alright
Lord, come by, come by, come by, come by
Send all your angels to look after me alright

How can I see
What’s beyond my mind?
Beyond what I think to be true and right?
How does it feel to be free of all
The illusions of doubt and of fear?

Could I live a great life on this earth?
Full of joy instead of worries
Sometimes I don’t see how and I ask the above
Especially when things down here get tough


Let your light surround me
Your love unfold me
Keep me on the path of peace
Let your light surround meYour love unfold me
Keep me on the path of peace
Track Name: Radio
There are times
When life is hard
When nothing rhymes
Things fall apart

Days are grey
And nights are long
You’ve lost your way
You’ve lost your song

That’s when you need me
You switch me on
You turn me up
And I will sing you a song
and lift your soul
I make you feel whole

So you see
It’s not all bad
Cause you have me
So don’t be sad

Sing along
With all your heart
Make yourself strong
To play your part

So Chorus

La la la la la la la la la la la, mmmmh
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la

Music can heal your soul
Just sing out loud
And you’ll feel whole
I am your radio
Just sing along
And you’ll feel strong

So Chorus

Life may throw a curveball
But with your music
You’ll conquer all
Sing your own song
And it’ll bring
Great joy along

So Chorus x 2
Cause I am your radio
Just sing along
And your worries will be gone
Track Name: Love And Let Go
Writing you these words
I should have said long ago
It hurts because despite the pain
You have to let me go

You gave me all you could
And now I need to walk alone
I know your holding on
You’re still with me when I’m gone

Because you’re in my heart
Every day of my life
And I love you from afar
Every day of my life
But I need to walk my path
On my own in this world
You have yours I have mine
And sometimes they are apart

We’ve been through many trials
Relationships are never easy
And yet love heals our wounds
If we forgive and let things go

At times I felt so hurt and I hurt you
And to forgive can be
The hardest thing to do
If he hold on and don’t set free


Love and let go
We learn to accept
All the good and the bad
In each other and never stop
To listen up with an open heart and drop
The judgment and the walls
That keep compassion from coming in…

…To abide in our hearts
Every day of our lives
Just to live and let it be
Every day of our lives
As we walk on our path
All alone in this world
Yet all one in our soul
So let’s love and let go
Track Name: Peace
Peace shines through us all, precious soul
Peace shines through us all, precious soul
We are all whole, precious soul
We are all whole, precious soul

Are we here to learn and grow
Heal ourselves and love the world?
With its pain and its tears
And to go beyond our fears?

Light shines through us all, precious soul
Light shines through us all, precious soul
Guiding the way, connect and pray
Guiding the way, connect and pray


Can we fill this world with grace
Seeing it through eyes of love?
Can we fill this world with grace
By sharing our hearts?

Are we born again and again
To learn and grow
Share our pain and share our joy?
To love and to bring
Peace shines through us all, precious soul
Track Name: The Key
Through many lives we got lost and back together
Always promising it would last forever
We made mistakes
We walked away and cried
Only to end up side by side

Please give me the key to your heart
And I promise not to break it apart
I’ll shower it with love and care from my own
Let’s get together, no one needs to be alone

From life to life we learn many lessons
Walk different paths and try to make sense
We hurt each other and yet get back together
Because our souls are one now and forever


And when things do fall apart
And we end up with a broken heart
Life’s cycles will mend the pain
And we may come back together again

Track Name: Rescue Me
Life can be the toughest school
I’ve ever been to
Really want to skip a class
But I’ve to see it through

And without my faith I would
Long have given up
Oh so many trials and lessons
Lord please pick me up

Oh my lord, rescue me, rescue me from here
Oh my lord, rescue me, please rescue me from here

All these things that happen here
Can really bring me down
At times it even feels as though
I’m about to drown

The only thing that helps me here
Is to sit down and pray
Feel that deep connection that
No matter what will stay


Oh my lord, precious lord, you’re always there for me
Oh my lord, precious lord, you’re always there for me



There were many years when I
Never turned to you
Now I know you are the source
Now I know you’re true
Track Name: Stay
My soul is crying out for help
All those years of covering the pain inside
Pretending I’m a fine woman
While inside loathing myself
Now I am at the end of the line
All pretence has failed to drown out
Deeper issues that come from the past
Oh love help me to solve them at last

Cause I wanna be free
For you and for me
To love you all the way
I want you to stay
Please stay, stay, stay, stay
Stay, stay, stay, stay

Please hang on in there
I am healing the pain inside
I’m repared, my mind is strong
And with courage I’ll carry on
To get more out of life than I did
Enjoy love, enjoy all of my gifts
The lord has blessed me with you
You can help me to work all this through


So together we’ll walk this path
Holding hands and not looking back
With deep faith that God leads the way
We’ll be fine we’ll get through this we’ll pray


Please stay...
Track Name: Walk With Me
Please don’t hide your tears
You can tell me your fears
And together we will fill the pain inside
With laughter, joy and light

Here, hold my hand
I can truly understand
What you’re going through
In your life at this time
So I’ll give you some strength of mine

Come, walk with me
Enjoy the earth
Let’s just be
And one day the pain will be gone
Though life has its strains
Only love remains
And that’s why I wrote you this song

Things come and go
There is Yes and there is No
And the bad things turn into good things in the long run
Like clouds hide the sun
So kick, scream and cry
And then say your goodbye
To the memories that don’t serve you any longer
Cause you’ve grown and you’re much stronger


Keep looking ahead
Find freedom instead
Cause bad times do not last
Our lives move way too fast

So take a deep breathe in
And let your new life begin
Start exploring, laughing, dancing, singing, shining
Every cloud has a silver lining.

Chorus x 2
And that’s why
Nothing ever really goes wrong
Track Name: The Broken Heart
She held him long ago
And now he’s gone, it hurt her so, hurt her so
As everyone around her screamed
And fell asleep, or so it seemed… so it seemed…

His cheek had softly touched her face
Words whispered in her ear of never ending love
Beyond time and space
His eyes were chocolate brown and deep
He looked at her as he laid down
Into a sea of red
And forever fell asleep… forever fell asleep… forever fell, forever fell, forever…

She tried, but she could not wake him up
His face was pale, his hand went cold
Tears streamed down and dropped into his lap
She stood as her heart broke in two
She gave him half and walked away
Before she saw him turning blue…

Since then her heart’s been aching bad
She lost her love in games of men
Countries fighting, power hungry, completely mad
In time, she also lost her friends
Her parents, brothers, sisters now asleep
And I guess, that’s where this story ends…
That’s where this story ends, that’s where this story, where this story, where this story ends….

Not quite,
She did survive the war,
But as a shadow of herself, life will never be the same as before
She loves her brown-eyed sweetheart still
And misses her whole family, her friends, and always will…

And from her broken heart she gives
All of her love to those in pain, just the same
While she does not complain
One day, she says so in her mind,
She’ll meet her brown-eyed sweetheart once again
In a world, that is warm, in a world, that is warm and kind.
Track Name: Outcast
He’s got no possessions
But he’s smiling at me
Not sure what to think
I pretend I don’t see

His front teeth are missing
But he holds his head high
If I was in his shoes
I’d surely want to die

He’s an outcast of society
His status so low
Not someone you’d wanna be

I feel so guilty
And hand him my change
Though his smile gets much wider
Deep down I feel strange

It does not make a difference
How much change he will make
As he needs much more
To help him get his life straight

Chorus x 2

But somehow I have a feeling
That he has pity with me
I am a slave just the same way
But with a job, and a bed and a widescreen TV…

We could be outcasts from the heavens above
All searching for meaning
All searching for love
Outcasts from the heavens above
All searching for meaning
All searching for love

He is me and I am he.